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Dec 29, 2020 · An owner may complain of misfire or roughness during a cold start. Also, a P0300 code might be present, or there may be misfire codes limited to one or two cylinders. Looking at the misfire counter on a scan tool, you will see a high rate on typically one cylinder. The cause of the misfires might be a coolant leak that allows coolant to enter the cylinder at the point where the liner meets the ... 29CC misfirings, several cylinders 29CD misfirings, cylinder 1 29CE misfirings, cylinder 2 29CF misfirings, cylinder 3 29D0 misfirings, cylinder 4 29D1 misfirings, cylinder 5 29D2 misfirings, cylinder 6 29D9 misfirings in case of tank filling level too low 29DA crankshaft sensor, segment adaptation...A cylinder misfire can be identified by the Check Engine Light on or blinking and the engine running rough. The cylinder misfire can make the engine feel like When the Check Engine light is "blinking" this is the universal sign for "P0300-Random Cylinder Misfire". If you have obtained the p-codes and...