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Title: Calculus: Differentiation using the chain rule. Target: On completion of this worksheet you should be able to use the chain rule to differentiate functions of a function. y = x3 + 2 is a function of x y = (x3 + 2)2 is a function (the square) of the function (x3 + 2) of x. To differentiate this we write u = (x3 + 2), so that y = u2 [ 29 practice problems with complete solutions ]. The Chain Rule is probably the most important derivative rule that you will learn since you will need to use it a lot and it shows up in various forms in other derivatives and integration.(b) A process-based terrestrial ecosystem model (BEPS) is used to produce hourly step carbon fluxes, which could minimize the limitation due to our inability to solve the inverse problem in a high resolution, as the background of our inversion. We will present our recent results achieved through a combination of the bottom-up modeling with BEPS ...