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...transmissions, a clutch safety switch or starter/clutch interlock switch accomplishes its safety goal by requiring the driver to fully depress the clutch pedal to Question: The neutral safety switch is inside the transmission on the Allison transmission. Is there away to bypass it to get the vehicle to a...Never had an issue. If you're a dumb driver and need a "safety" switch then leave it alone. I always put my car in neutral by habit before I start the car. I personally seen problems arise from cars with heavier duty clutches. If they didn't bypass the clutch switch then over time their thrust bearings went bad and caused all kinds of problems. I have an IH Cub which has a clutch Safety Switch. I am getting up in age "a little" and having more difficulty pushing in the clutch then bending over to turn the key to crank my little one. Was wondering how I go about bypassing this switch which is located under the floor and is actuated with a metal part attached to the clutch. Clutch Safety Switch button. Jump to Latest Follow. mine has a bypass switch. 2005 Storm Grey Nismo KC 4x4 6SPD UUHHH lets just say it has a bit o character (next mod big ol bucket o bondo).