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Jan 10, 2020 · With that said, let’s get started with this list of things to do after installing Ubuntu 18.04. 1. Update the system. The first thing you should do after a fresh install is to update Ubuntu. It may sound strange because you just installed a fresh OS but still, you must check for the updates. Dolphin Emulator. 46,803 likes · 48 talking about this. After several months of work, Hybrid XFB is finally here. Hybrid XFB revolutionizes emulation of the final stages of rendering a frame on the GameCube and Wii resulting in huge performance and compatibility increases throughout the library.The Game crashes after some in-game-progress (randomly), you can't change Discs when prompted, the screen keeps black or you can't even start the Game at all. You can't complete the Game successfully to the end even when both the Graphics and Framerates working fine and/or the PS4 will freeze/shutdown by itself. I updated to Windows 10 today and Dolphin has been consistently crashing within the first minute of use. Is there a fix for this? If it still crashes even after doing this try searching the game on Google to see if others are having crashing problems as well.