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Jul 13, 2016 · Originally I had worked with the OFED drivers but soon realized that my Mellanox branded cards performed better when I used the firmware specifically from Mellanox it was an older revision of OFED but compiled specifically for my cards. MLNX branded drivers. This was a very helpful guide on the tuning recommendations I followed. To improve the network adapter performance, activate the performance tuning tool as follows: Start the "Device Manager" (open a command line window and enter: devmgmt.msc). Open "Network Adapters". Select Mellanox Ethernet adapter, right click and select Properties. Select the "Performance tab". May 14, 2005 · The official press release states “Windows OneCare, a comprehensive and simple-to-use consumer subscription service that will provide automated protection, maintenance and performance tuning as an all-in-one package for Windows-based PCs.