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CSA — Z150-98, Safety Code for Mobile Cranes ANSI/ASME — B30.5-2004, Safety Code for Mobile and Locomotive Cranes ANSI/ASME — B30.22-2005, Safety Code for Articulating Boom Cranes WCB Standard WPL 2, Design, Construction and Use of Crane Supported Work Platforms, 2004 Crane lift capacity analysis Overhead & Gantry Cranes, Underhung Cranes and Monorail Systems, and Sling and Hoist Safety Guidelines Purpose Many types of cranes, hoists, and rigging devices are used at Central Michigan University (CMU) for lifting and moving materials. CMU’s policy is to maintain a safe workplace for its employees; therefore, it 1. —(1) These Regulations may be cited as the Workplace Safety and Health (Operation of Cranes) Regulations 2011 and shall, with the exception of regulation 5(4) and (5), come into operation on 10th September 2011.