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Смотрите видео Sig P365 SAS vs P365XL vs P365 бесплатно в высоком качестве. Продолжительность видео: 18 мин и 39 сек. You mentioned that you have to turn the slide release on the SAS once you put the slide back on. Shouldn't be the case, mine automatically locks back into...P365 SAS slide stop and takedown lever. The benefits of having an ultra-smooth profile clearly outweigh the minor inconveniences that these The Sig P365 SAS retains the high-capacity, great trigger, and reliability of the regular P365 but by going snag-free it loses standard sights, a useful...And, just like the real-steel version, this CO2 pistol's slide locks back following the last shot, so you know, visibly, that it's time to reload. Sig Sauer P365 BB Pistol Features. Full blowback metal slide; CO2 loading 12 round magazine; Green high visibility 3-dot fixed sights; Manual safety; Similar weight and feel of the P365 9mm firearm